giovedì, maggio 17

nobody is perfect

OSGOOD I called mama she was so happy
she cried she wants you have
her wedding gown it's white lace.
JERRY Osgood I can't get married in your
mother's dress. She and I we're not
built the same way.
OSGOOD We can have it altered.
JERRY Oh, no you don't! Look, Osgood
I'm going to level with you. We
can't get married at all.
OSGOOD Why not?
JERRY Well, to begin with, I'm not a natural
OSGOOD It doesn't matter.
JERRY And I smoke. I smoke all the time.
OSGOOD I don't care.
JERRY And I have a terrible past. For three years now,
I've been living with a saxophone player.
OSGOOD I forgive you.
JERRY And I can never have children.
OSGOOD We'll adopt some
JERRY But you don't understand!
I'm a MAN!
OSGOOD Well nobody is perfect.

b.wilder - i.a.l. diamond

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